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    Oh hell yeah, Bang your Head is miles better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidwestJimmy View Post
    I forgot about that one. It was a cover of a song from the 70s. They wanted to play it badly so the label and producer would give up on them recording it. By the way, "Bang Your Head" is immensely better that "Noize".
    Yeah I like Bang Your Head way better as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valade16 View Post
    Another one is Quiet Riot hates their song "Cum on Feel the Noize". They only included it on the album at the record labels request and then the label released the song and of course it became immensely popular so they've had to play it ever since lol.
    They hated that one so much that they turned around and did another Slade cover "Mama, we're all crazy now" for their follow up album.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crucis View Post
    Parity is about equality of opportunity, not equality of results.

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    I used to think that Dude Looks Like a Lady was a stupid song. Couldn't stand it. Now I really like it when I listen to it. I think the music itself is actually quite good.

    I think I've also read that REM hates The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite, which is sort of in the same poppy category as Shiny Happy People, but I actually enjoy Sidewinder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WOwolfOL View Post
    Even funnier story on that song. Growing up, 6-10ish I guess, I always thought they were saying "Do the Shockalaylay." Which to me was some sort of dance that I didn't know how to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack of Blades View Post
    I don't consider Brand New indie. I consider them ****ing awesome and don't belong to a genre.

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