Having returned after a good six month long absence or so, I notice that PSD still seems to be having problems retaining user interest and motivating users to come back to the forum frequently (and I applaud the steps taken by Soop, Thomas and others to rectify this). As an admin of a couple of forums myself, I had that exact trouble with one of said forums about a year ago. One thing that helped immensely was the idea someone had of creating a Discord chat for the forum, so that people could talk more outside of the forum and create stronger connections. Because the userbase wasn't nearly as large as this, it took a little while for it to gain momentum, but before too long the forum was thriving in a way it hadn't seen in the past 3-4 years. Hell, even people who don't use that forum anymore come back to that chat just to small-talk, and in some cases those people ended up returning to become more active members of the forum again.

I know there is technically an existing chat or two on places like chatandgo and chatzy, however neither are particularly mobile-friendly and the interfaces aren't really conducive to a particularly laid-back atmosphere. With Discord you can create different text channels for whatever suits your fancy, so one could have text channels for each different major sport, a general discussion one, ones for the different redrafts and forum games, and really anything else for general small-talk. To some this may seem conducive to people becoming less inclined to use the forum, however again, from my experience, it's had the exact opposite effect. Additionally the interface is simple without being terribly banal, the sign-up process is not a hassle at all (completely free), and you can use it on the mobile app, browser, or desktop application. This compatibility makes it far more likely that someone would be willing to come back to it and use it frequently than it would with something like Chatzy.

Discord has a lot of gamer connotations to it, which might drive people off, however I've noticed that more and more people are using it for things unrelated to gaming (one of those being the forum I administrate) because it so thoroughly eclipses the competition when it comes to text chats. So I would highly encourage the mods to consider this, and if there's anything that you need in terms of help getting it started I would be more than happy to assist.