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View Poll Results: Where will the Pistons finish in the East?

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    Expectations for the 2017-18 Season

    Barring some blockbuster deal involving Drummond and/or Reggie, it appears that the Pistons are done wheeling and dealing and our roster is bascially set for the upcoming season

    Projected Roster

    G. Reggie Jackson
    G. Avery Bradley
    F. Tobias Harris
    F. Jon Leuer
    C. Andre Drummond
    6. Ish Smith
    7. Stanley Johnson
    8. Boban Marjanovic
    9. Langston Galloway
    10. Reggie Bullock
    11. Henry Ellenson
    12. Luke Kennard
    13. Anthony Tolliver
    14. Eric Moreland

    Honestly, with the Bulls, Pacers, and Hawks all losing their respective All-Stars I think the Pistons squeak into the playoffs as either the 6th or 7th seed. IMO if we fail to reach to the playoffs this time around (or get swept in the 1st round) I think Gores should seriosuly rethink the whole SVG as HC/GM and it may be worth blowing it all up


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    and Syracuse has sucked for years
    Wish my wife's name was Syracuse.

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    The East looks really bad outside of the top few teams that it feels as if missing the playoffs would be a complete failure on the Pistons part. With how last season ended, and the financial issues the team has, I don't feel any pure excitement or true expectations for the season. Dre and Reggie could return to form prior to last season's disaster. just as they could continue to be the crap they were last year. It all has a hazy vibe to it but not in an exciting way to see if its awesome or train wreck, more in an apathetic way.

    The Avery Bradley trade sparked some life, if nothing else to see how he plays, but I need more good news to be gung-ho. Regardless I'll watch because they are one of the Big 4 in the city.

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    Healthy Reggie will help. If SVG can adjust the offense a bit and stop relying on the mid range game so much (aka the worst shot in basketball, and we led the league in most points for mid range shots ugh) we should make the playoffs and lose, draft some nobody, make the playoffs and lose, draft some nobody, etc etc.

    Or we could miss the playoffs entirely and it wouldn't shock me either.

    edit: we were also dead last in points from free throws, even with Bang a Drum strategy
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    I agree - if we don't make the playoffs, Gores gets involved.

    6th seed.

    I think we now have some players that on most nights should be able to compete thru out the NBA with the exception of a few teams. This is SVG 4th season and the talent level from top to bottom has improved. Resigning KCP would have locked us in for several years. With the waive and trade we have options, granted narrow, to add someone via trade for assets.

    With Reggie's surgery last season, I think some thought "ok, we'll be fine once RJ returns" and though we were basically .500 at the time, there was some let up - as you could see the frustration in SVG face. Some of that falls to SVG and wearing his emotions on his sleeve on every play. It's gets old after awhile, but this is the team he constructed so if they don't produce he can't blame anyone but himself.

    6th seed. We give Toronto a good first round series and we squeak out a series win - but our entire ceiling is predicated on Dre's FTs. Think about that for awhile.

    Update: Talk about spending. Brandon Jennings & Ty Lawson are still both available. A couple of dudes who were starting a few years ago and still have the talent in the NBA. Everyone overspent last summer and with the lower cap this season than originally projected - not giving KCP 100M over 4 years was a good move. He's playing for 19 this season and I doubt he gets close to 100M next summer unless he just absolutely blows up.
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