Tough loss already for Nebraska, though as practices ramp up, more injury reports will be coming in. Though if Jones gets through recovery in four months, he would be back for the end of the season.

As we near the 2017 season, injury news will begin to pick up. Its the worst possible headline this time of year. Unfortunately for Nebraska, it's your turn to hear the worst-case scenario.

Cornhuskers coach Mike Riley confirmed via the Lincoln Journal-Star that senior cornerback Chris Jones had meniscus surgery on his left knee. The timetable for recovery for such a procedure is usually anywhere from four to six months, school officials told the paper. That puts Jones' season in jeopardy, though the cornerback took to Twitter and indicated he will try to be back as soon as possible.

Jones would have a redshirt available if need be. He has 20 career starts, was an honorable All-Big Ten coaches' selection last season and was poised to be one of the key players on Nebraska's defense in 2017. As far as injuries go, Jones is one of the players the Huskers can least afford to lose.