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    Rest of Season Game Thread And Discussion

    2017 Game Thread and Discussion

    Guys as should be apparent I'm giving up the ghost here with this forum. I fought it back once from near extinction and contemplated trying to do it again but I don't have the same drive I did way back when. I'll still "manage" this forum for the time being but that isn't going to involve more than posting the occasional discussion thread. This isn't quite a complete bow out on my part but it is close to one. If someone else wants the task of trying to revive this forum than by all means I'm willing to be a contributor but the desire to lead the charge isn't in me. My fandom remains strong but I don't want to spend time posting on a deserted board anymore. Let's Go Bucs!
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    its sad that it has come to this. where everyone has gone is beyond me but its hard to keep posting with so few people i will keep checking in with the hope some fans find or return.

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