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    Conforto will play if he is healhty. He played last year against lefties and got destroyed, which was why he was relegated back to only being platoon. The year before, he was a rookie who came up late in the year. Conforto will get playing time if he is healthy and show he can keep up. Same with Flores

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeGamer81 View Post
    That's kind of what happens when you have four guys for three positions.

    Granderson is on ****ing fire, he needs to play right now. Bruce and Cespedes are regulars.

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    Terry Collins is a terrible manager. Someone I would've fired 3 years ago

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    Conforto hasnít been able to swing a bat since getting plunked. They should have just placed him on the DL right there and then. The player/injury mismanagement has become a hallmark of the current front office regime.
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