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    Happy Father's Day!

    May all you wonderful Dad's enjoy a Happy Father's Day.

    If you're fatherless you're welcomed to share memories with us. Fatherís Day can be a time to reflect on those memories and also a time to let emotions surface that you otherwise suppress.

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    Sep 2010
    East of the Sun, West of the Moon
    My father hit me just once. Knocked me out cold for a couple of seconds. But I got up afterwards knowing I could take his best shot and be okay.

    In the end my father killed himself because he was a miserable person and a miserable father and husband to my mom.

    Ive always neen proud of him for stepping up and doing what he needed to do to care for his family. In my mind he did the right thing because we lived a better life without him -- without fear, anger,

    Thanks Dad. Thank you helping us rebuild our lives - without you. I forgive you for all your faults.

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    "there's no scraps in my scrapbook"

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    The Boogie Down
    My dad was a dead beat, I had no real father figures growing up and I have no kids. So Father's Day is just another ****ing day for me.

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