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View Poll Results: David Robinson vs Tim Duncan, who was better?

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  • David Robinson

    9 39.13%
  • Tim Duncan

    14 60.87%
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    Quote Originally Posted by m26555 View Post
    Duncan..This isn't even close..Robinson is one of the most overrated players of all time..
    Lol..If I ever need a laugh, I know I can always come to this thread and look for this post

    Quote Originally Posted by Iodine View Post
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    Lightbulb David Robinson was better!!!

    Most of you that think that Tim Duncan was/is better than David Robinson are living in the “now” moment. Have you guys seen David Robinson play?? He was a lot stronger, quicker, and more athletic than Tim Duncan. David Robinson played in the era of the “Center”. Ewing, Shaq (prime), Hakeem the dream, alonzo Morning, ect. The Centers were so much better at rebounding and defense then the centers today or even since 2000. Even an overweight Shaq still does Tim Duncan in whenever they play. Even when the great centers were past their prime, Duncan was playing forward at 7’0. If that’s not enough, Look at the stats!! Robinson didn’t get into the league until he was 24 in 1989, even though he was drafted in 1987… he had to sit out for 2 years so he could fulfill his military obligation… imagine the numbers he would of put up if he didn’t have to sit out!! Go on youtube or something that shows highlights. You’ll see how David Robinson would score at will. He would score of two to three defenders all the time because the team had no one but David Robinson. Just see one clip of him when he was playing. The dunks and the blocks are highlights that I do not see from any centers today.
    Duncan averages from when he entered the league until now at 32 years old; 21.0 ppg, 50% field goals, 11.8 rpg, 2.3 bpg, 0.8 steals pg, 68% ft shooter
    Robinsons averages from when he entered the league he turned 32 years old; 25.0 ppg, 52% field goals, 11.6 rpg, 3.5 bpg, 1.6 steals pg, 75% ft shooter (also had a better 3 point percentage but I wont go into that)
    David Robinson is the FIRST player to be named to an ALL NBA team and an ALL NBA Defensive team in his first 7 years in the league.
    I will not go into the later part of David Robinsons career because Tim Duncan has yet to play his later part of his own years. Yes, Robinson’s stats declined on offense and defense. I am thinking that the reasons are because he was turning 33 years old, with a bad back from years of carrying the team of his own. Also, the spurs wanted David Robinson to play second fiddle to Tim Duncan. As for the rings part... Duncan had wayyyy better players than Robinson had in his prime. Plus..Robinson played most of his career in the Jordan era. Robinson has 2 Gold medals, Duncan 0.
    For the guy that said that David Robinson is overrated….. you are now barred from ever talking basketball ever again!!!
    And for the comment that Hakeem the dream made David Robinson look stupid…. Umm… do you see how slow Duncan is?? Imagine Duncan trying to guard that?? That would be on bloopers.. “Duncan falls again!!”
    Sorry so long…had to get my point across.

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    The way i see it is, who would you rather start a franchise with? I would have to say Tim Duncan.

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    Definitely no contest now.
    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
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    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshtd1 View Post
    Lol..If I ever need a laugh, I know I can always come to this thread and look for this post
    So has this been working out for you?

    Free As Seagull.

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    Duncan easily. Check out the year DRob won the MVP and what the real MVP did to DRob in the playoffs. Please.
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    Tim Duncan obviously had a better career.

    But as somebody else already pointed out for various reasons David Robinson lost years of his prime due to his obligations.

    Also who had the better teams? Tim Duncan had Ginobili and Parker for most of his career. He also had David Robinson for the beginning and Kawhi Leonard for the end of it. Who did David Robinson have that would compare? Sean Elliot and Avery Johnson. I wouldn't put them over Ginobili and Parker. He had Duncan like Duncan had Leonard. But who did Robinson have at the beginning of his career that would compare?

    Also Tim Duncan had Gregg Popovich for his entire career. David Robinson did not.

    Marcus Mariota

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