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    Quote Originally Posted by DeW-Star View Post
    Yea that was absolutely sensational. I wonder what the catch % on that ball must have been from Statcast? Couldn't have been more than 10%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayners81 View Post
    they won't take Sanchez bat out of the lineup and Holiday is having a very good yr as our dh, so theirs really no way to fix it.
    When Sanchez came back I was thinking with how well Romine had played in his absence he had built quite a bit of trade value, after the last ten games or so and seeing the difference in results Romine is probably worth way more to us than he would be in a trade
    He just seems to hit bullets. Recently they have been finding holes, grass, or the seats but when he first got back from the DL it seemed like he was just ripping balls at the SS and 3B.
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