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    Now, I'm just gonna tackle the highlights here; the Chris Taylor debate began over whether he should start over Kiké.

    You claimed the following about Chris Taylor...

    1) Citing the "best hitters in baseball, you stated that he was due for AT LEAST a .72 drop in BABIP.

    - You were WRONG. He declined, but finished the season .11 points higher than your minimum threshold for decline.

    2) There was no way CT could do better by BABIP than some of the best hitters in the league, mentioning players like Mike Trout specifically.

    - You were WRONG again. Chris Taylor finished 6th in the league in BABIP and beat Mike Trout by .44 points.

    3) The only difference between Chris Taylor and Kiké was their BABIP and that Chris Taylor was just "incredibly lucky".

    - Do you still feel this way?
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