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    Quote Originally Posted by dayners81 View Post
    Every scouting report i've ever seen on Judge has him as an above average defender, with better than average speed and a plus, plus arm. The K's are high but its a hell off alot better than last yr when he looked lost at the plate. He's producing at a very high level, if it was for a horrible ruling he would already have 6hrs. He's never going to hit for a great average but i feel pretty confident that he will run into 30-35hrs this yr. Plus he's box office to watch.

    I absolutely love watching this team, i haven't had this much fun watching them in a long time. Gardy, Ells and especially Head are playing very well which is shocking. I hate saying this but hopefully this strong play from Gardy and Ells will make it easier to move one when we need to for Frazier. Hicks is playing like the guy we really hoped he would when we traded for him and if he keeps it up he's going to force himself into the line up alot.

    The pitching staff has been incredible, when Tank is your worst starter you know thing are going well. Pineda and Sezy have been incredible and Monty has been an awesome addition.

    Kinda getting concerned about Bird a little bit, i think everyone expect a ton out of him because of how he hit in STing and slumps are a part of the game. I just hope he can turn it around soon.

    Whats really impressive is we have been doing this well without arguably our 2 best players, I just hope when they come back it doesn't mess with the chemistry we have going.

    We really haven't played against the top teams but so far this team looks alot more like a possible contender rather than a team rebuilding
    Agreed. Plus it's interesting to wonder who is batting ninth when Didi and Sanchez return. Ells might be the first player that i can ever recall going from cleanup to #9. It could also be Didi. I don't think you put Judge there or take Gardner off the leadoff spot. Plus, do you reinsert Sanchez in the #2 with Headley doing so well there. Just for fun a lineup like this alternates Lefties and righties and bats Castro ninth:


    It would be a good problem to have, if they are all performing like they can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCSownsU View Post
    I'm late. I'm pregnant, having a baby with..

    Get a C-section. You don't want a head that size passing through your both canal. It will ruin you

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    Head had stuff going on with his kid the last couple of years. He seems clear now. Every one of his throws is perfect too. Both sides of the ball he looks superb. Hope I didn't jinx him.

    Judge will always strike out. But we all know that. Anything under 150ks a year will be fine. His mistakes go 420'. He will get better as he's proven at every level. I'd like to see binder hit Sanchez behind him. Judge will see more fastballs. Bird will come around. Fidel needs to stay focused.

    Entire key for us this year will be our starters. If they suck. We will suck.

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    Even though Judge will likely always have an above average K rate, he also has a very good approach at the plate that leads to above average walks as well.

    And I also always saw that he would be a decent corner outfielder with a good-great arm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeW-Star View Post
    Even though Judge will likely always have an above average K rate, he also has a very good approach at the plate that leads to above average walks as well.

    And I also always saw that he would be a decent corner outfielder with a good-great arm.

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    I agree. Since ST you can see a difference, more selective at the plate. Waiting for his pitch, not chasing as much. Looks much more comfortable. I realize it's a long season, but thus far kid is scary good.

    He also quite humble, going out of his way to praise his teammates when he was the star. Clearly placing focus on the team effort not the "I". Refreshing to see in todays game. Unique player, not only his size and power but his maturity.
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    I really think we could have something very special for a long time with Judge and Sanchez with Torres coming fast. Bird could be as well, he has all the tools but needs to prove it again after missing all of last yr.

    I do agree that we are probably only going to be as good as are starters. This team especially when Didi and Sanchez get back can score runs in bunches but if the starters give em right back, no good. The good news is Sevy looks 100 times better than last yr and it has been in multiple outings, Monty looks like a solid rotation piece that atleast seem like he will pitch well enough every time out to give us a chance to win. Sabathia looks good but who know. Pineda has been a beast but we ve seen that before, if he keeps it up were in good shape. Tanaka will put up ace like numbers and do very well... Plus Adams is tearing it up and may force his way, if and when their is an injury

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