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    Future Of The Pelicans

    Well the season is over and it's time for the plan for the future. So who knows if we will trade back into the draft or just stand pat and grab 2 undrafted free agents. Or address roster thru free agency. Well I have a plan. Trade Solomon Hill, Etwan Moore, and Omar Asik to Knicks for Carmelo Anthony. Re sign Jrue Holiday. Sign Justin Holiday in free agency because they want to play together. Also sign Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Re sign Donatas Motiejunas for vet minimum. I have did the numbers and we can afford this under cap for next year. With this plan here is your roster.

    Starting 5
    C- Demarcus Cousins
    PF- Anthony Davis
    SF- Carmelo Anthony
    SG- Justin Holiday
    PG- Jrue Holiday

    Back ups
    C- Cheick Diallo
    PF- Dante Cunningham
    SF- Michael Kidd Gilchrist
    SG- Jordon Crawford
    PG- Tim Frazier

    Other players
    PG- Quinn Cook
    C- Alexis Ajinca
    C- Dontas Motiejunas
    SF- Quincy Pondexter
    Undrafted Free Agent SG

    Thoughts? Or what would your plan be?


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    Seems a bit idealist.

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    I get it. It was more realistic then the post I saw saying CP3 comes back to New Orleans and we get Paul George in a trade.

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    I doubt Carmelo approves a trade to a team that hasn't shown that they can make the playoffs and I seriously doubt the Knicks would be satisfied taking on Asik and Hill just to get rid of him.

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    What about a article I saw that made since. Said Brooklyn desperately wants a draft pick.and has money to take on a bad contract and could strech it. And if we traded Asik and a 1st for 2018 for KJ McDaniels. A 1st from a playoff team isn't really that valuable to us. Where is a team trying to rebuild with no picks is like gold. Then we would have enough money to sign Jeff Teague. Teague should be avaliable because the Pacers are probably about to go in to a full rebuild mode with Paul George wanting out. So they are probably going to let Teague walk. Teague is underrated and has played well with 2 bigs before (P.Millsap and Al Horford). And sign Holiday back with bird rights money and have a roster of
    Pg J. Teague / T. Frazier
    Sg- J. Holiday/ E. Moore
    Sf -S. Hill/ K. McDaniels
    Pf- A. Davis/ C. Diallo
    C -D.Cousins / A. Ajinca

    Reserves- Crawford, Cook,Pondexter, Cunningham, Motiejunas

    That's at least a 4 or 5 seed.

    Other part said or sign D. Rose and hope for the best. Just feel like AD and Boogie have to pull somebody in. I know we are not proven but we are right there.

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