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    I'm just not a big fan of Irving. I think his ball dominant tendencies would hurt Joker's offensive game. We definitely could use an upgrade at PG but Irving isn't really a fit IMO. Someone like Mike Conley, who's a good defender, shooter, and passer would be perfect if he was to ever become available.

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    I love Kyrie. He's not going to demand the ball at all times. Yes, he wants to be THE guy but he's not stupid enough to give up easy points (which is what he will be getting if he plays through Jokic). Every scorer wants to score...why give up an opportunity to score more and in a easier fashion just so you can have the ball more?

    Kyrie is that late in the game option where we NEED to get a bucket and we have to find someone to go to. He fits that role very well. Jokic is not there yet with that.

    Jokic makes everyone will that not apply to Kyrie? Who's already damn good which one could say a top 10 player in the league

    With all of that said....I shutter to think of the package we would give up. I love Gary Harris. I love Jamal Murray. I think Murray will be special...and Harris is such a valuable glue guy that you must have for a play-off run.

    We've been so desperate to add a superstar that I think Denver will, again, get too ballsy in their package to snag a guy like Irving.

    Already packaged Gary Harris to try to get Paul George..who is a one year rental. We could give up 6 years of Murray to get 2 years of Irving? Maaaan..

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    We already had the number 1 offense without Kyrie, the only thing he helps with is a late game option. Although without Gallo we should improve. Gallo was terrible in late game scenarios. He tried flopping his way to the line.

    Kyrie provides zero defense which is our struggle. Nelson D >>Kyries D.

    Thats how bad he is.

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