I'll post more. I've got a lot to say. This team is insane. I truly believe this is the most talented team I've seen. The most well rounded team.

13/16 series the Rockies have won the 1st game. A huge stat imo. They've beaten the NL's best, including Kershaw and Mad Bum. Martinez, albeit a giant douche, is no slouch. They've outplayed the NL West. As sad as it is, they won their first series ever in SF.

Our starting pitching staff is insanely good right now and 3/5ths are rookies. Chatwood and Anderson are our biggest liabilities ATM and Anderson's pitched 2 gems recently. And that's all without our ace. When Gray gets back, Idk who loses out, but if better not be Senzatella, Freeland or Marquez. Oh, and Hoffman's last 2 starts were great. For the first time, there's a log jam of talent for our SP.

And speaking of log jams, idk what they do when Dahl gets healthy. Finding room at 1B/LF and having to bench Parra, Desmond or Reynolds is already tough enough. Then there's Amarista and Valeka pushing Story. And then there's our best prospect in Rodgers sitting in AAA.

The only glaring weakness I see is a long reliever and possibly another 7th/8th inning guy if Dunn continues to stink. Oberg and Lyles are garbage. Maybe move Chatwood to the BP when Gray comes back.

But yeah, I'm really excited.