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Thread: 2018 Payroll

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    2018 Payroll

    A whooping 6 million dollars lol.... Not even kidding they talked about how insane this is today on daily news live... 6 million dollars in 2018 as of right now and how the phillies could turn baseball upside down if they so choose... What are your thoughts? This actually seems pretty unprecedented for a major market team with the ability to have a 200 million dollar payroll. This isnt like the marlins trying to get above the salary floor of like 40 million... this is a team with 6 million dollars with the ability to sustain 175 plus million dollar payroll.

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    That's a bit deceptive since it doesn't include any arbitration or options. Their commitments are to Saunders ($1MM buyout), Doobie ($3.35MM), and Hamels ($2.5MM) for a total just under $7MM. They'll also owe Galvis roughly $6MM for his final arb season, Hernandez $3-$6MM (arb 2 of 4), Franco and Rupp will be entering their first arb seasons too. As will Luis Garcia, although he may be cut.

    So, assuming they keep the arb guys, that's roughly $20-25MM committed to only 5 roster spots. It's certainly a good spot to be in, but there's a lot of work to be done before the roster is complete.
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    Even tho 25 is quite cheap.

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    This next class still sucks though I thought. 2019 could be the real deal. Still think trout will be a philly soon.

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