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Thread: Iron Fist

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    Definitely the weakest of the bunch. DD is in a class of its own though.

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    Its terrible

    by far the worst of all from the marvel comics' series

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    Started watching this early this week. Figured I would watch it before The Defenders comes around.

    Its not amazing by any means, but I don't get all the hate it gets. Has some plot holes, and the action leaves something to be desired, but its not a terrible show by any means. Seems like they might be using this series as a set up for The Defenders rather than a trying to make a good Iron Fist show.

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    Similar to how I felt. Definitely not as bad as people made it out to be. Certainly not as good as JJ or DD, but still enjoyable.

    I thought Luke Cage was the worst of the group.
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