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    Duncan: One more time?

    Given how well the Spurs are playing, and with LMA potentially out for a while with the heart issues (hope for the best for him), is anybody else hoping that Duncan will just lace them up for the remainder of the season and go for one last run.

    I felt like part of what killed him last year was that marathon of the season. He played well in the regular season, but seemed to run out to steam in the playoffs.

    Playing some sparring minutes to get back into rhythm for the playoffs and picking up 15-20 to help cover for LMA should he be gone... it would just be nice to see him out there for one last run. And the Spurs are in position to do it this year.

    I realize this is not happening. But does anybody else hope to see this? It would be nice to see him slip on ring number 6.
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    I would've loved it. But it was never gonna happen as you mentioned.

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