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    Anyone have a summary of the in's and out's of the bills FA so far?

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    Cooks contract for next year against the Pats cap is 1.5 million. Last year of his contract. Next year, the Bills will be 80 Million under the cap. Before commenting about contradictions, do some research and see that trading for Cooks, along with trading down and not paying top 10 Rookie contract, saves our team money.

    Pryor's cap hit is 6 mill. The nobodies that Whaley brought in here combine at about 3 million. Pryor could have slid in as well.

    You guys think like Whaley, who is nearly fired by the way. Your assuming Watkins plays a full year, therefore this new group of scabs that Whaley brought in, will be efficient enough behind Watkins to make our receiving corp look competent enough. As for me, I don't think Watkins plays a full season and with his foot injury, I doubt either of you would bet any money on him playing a full season. Therefore Holmes, and the other cast of misfits will not scare any team and we are looking at the same repeated failure that we saw last season. Bringing in Cooks, Pryor, etc, in Watkins absence gives the team some credibility. Holmes, Brown, Tate, do not give us any credibility.

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