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    Quote Originally Posted by OptiMized View Post
    A vet, old-school guy complaining that Babs treated him like everyone else and made him work for his ice-time? I loved it. Made me feel better about players like Hunwick and Polak. He's not gonna play guys just because he likes them or takes care of vets, he plays the guys who work for him.

    I love it personally. He also made a point to say that "No UFA is gonna want to play for Babs". I love that too. Players often cash in on July 1 and then shut it down and don't work. Babs is gonna work everyone. People (sports radio) were talking about it's a shot at Babcock, i actually think it did the opposite of what Chelios may or may not have wanted
    Sounds like the whiny prick he was

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingerSox View Post
    Kinda the story of the year. Not to complain but there's been some crazy missed calls that didn't go our way. I actually think it was you who brought this up months ago.
    I've been biting my tongue with it. The refs have been awful all year long and the Leafs are usually on the wrong side of it. I've never complained about officiating so much in my life.

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