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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldChamps1908 View Post

    I know many of you would be against this, but I wouldn't be. I've said for awhile now that watson is my top QB. Of course I'd rather go Adams, Hooker at that spot.
    This is a confusing position. You say you wouldn't be against taking Watson at #3, which implies that you feel good about him being a franchise level QB....yet you would rather take Adams/Hooker, two safeties, over a guy who you think is the best QB in the draft and a franchise QB?

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    I can understand why people like Watson. He has won on the biggest stages, is a good leader, has long been considered a top QB prospect and hasn't done a lot of damage to that stock.

    I am not saying I would like Watson at #3, but I get why people like him more than other QBs.

    I think Mahomes needs to land in a place like ARI where he can learn and grow behind a guy like Palmer. Maybe even WAS if they think Cousins will be gone next year (which I believe he will be). That gives Mahomes time to progress and step-in to decent teams.

    If I am SF I do not go QB at all. Cousins is my guy next year. Use early picks this year and next to keep building up that roster and go get Cousins next year. They could be back on track starting 2018.

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    Now the Browns are taking Garrett #1 overall

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