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    Absolutely love what we did this weekend. The only way it could've been more perfect is if we moved Orlando for a pick and took Butt.

    The secondary becomes totally revamped...athletic and versatile. With a little luck, we could possibly be set there for years.

    Our d line gets back Tapper and adds some bodies...maybe take our 4th for next year and make a move for Sheldon? We'll be getting three 4th round comp picks most likely...I know his contract is not too sexy and we only do RKG now, but he would make the front 4 a strength with all our depth...

    Switzer is gonna be exciting. Imagine the 4 wr sets giving Dak the opportunity to pull a page from the book of Romo and he can audible into a run with Zeke or if they put 6 in the box, a pass with Cole in one slot and Switzer in the other? Dez and TWill on the outside...drool.

    I can't wait for August!

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    Pretty much every pick was considered a value pick except for maybe Taco and Joey Ivie in the 7th. None of their picks were reaches and they traded back when it made sense.

    Switzer and Noah Brown really intrigue me. This will be Dez's chance to prove he really can be a leader.

    I'm really interested to see how the new additions to the DL help the pass rush. Taco, Tapper, and even Jaylon Smith (even though he's a LB) and with the return of Collins, Irving, Thornton, Paea, and Lawrence there is a lot more talent for Marinelli to work with.

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    NFL Total Access seemed to like the 2 corners we picked. They thought Taco was solid, but not spectacular - citing that he works hard, but doesn't have the speed that would make him elite.

    Some of the biggest impact might just come from new players already on the roster. Jaylon Smith's nerve endings are firing now....the question now is if he can play like the elite player he did before the injury.

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