Half a season left, 4 points from Wild Card, 5 points away from Toronto in our division. If we didn't lose Jack for over 20 games, there is no doubt we would be defending a playoff spot right now, not chasing one down.

Because of losing Jack, it is hard pointing blame on the coach if we miss the playoffs. If one player is the difference maker for this team, then maybe a little blame should be placed on Murray, for making this team so needy on that one particular player.

Murray needs to make some moves at the deadline. Get rid of dead weight and let Bailey and Baptiste play full time. Players like Moulson, Ennis etc, are use to losing. There is no more fight left in them. Let these kids play. There is more fight in them than there is with a few of the veterans on this team that we have been depending on.

4-points to make up is not a lot at all. We can do this with the right moves by Murray. I hope I am wrong, but it is looking like he is falling into the same trap Darcy did, which is falling in love with his players to much. Hence, being afraid to let go and move into a different direction. I shook my head in disbelief, when he traded a first round pick for Lehner, who was one of the players he fell in love with, from his time in Ottawa. Considering the costs from what other goalies were traded for that year, being in love with his players would be the only justification for making that move.

I hope he can say goodbye to some of the teams dead weight and make the right deals from here on out. Then perhaps we will see Lehner, lights out in the playoffs, showing us what he saw in him all along. This is the closest the team has been in a long time. This should be an exciting finish.