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Thread: What do we do?

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    What do we do?

    Lets try to start some talk!

    So what do we do? I am excited to be honest its something new for probably most of us DRW fans....we are not going to be a playoff team, we are going to be sellers and see what KH can do. There is a move I want us to make before the deadline and then one before the draft that would both address our blue line.

    Trade Deadline:
    Vanek+Smith (retain half on both) for Ville Pokka package
    Same above from Detroit for Derrick Pouliot package

    In both cases each team get Vanek, a productive forward for a playoff run at cheap and they could still shop for more. Vanek also would replace Sheary for Pitt in the short term leading up to the playoffs.

    Smith for both teams would fill a good depth role, especially with Pitt seemingly always having injuries on the backend. It works long term for Chicago as well, as they will probably have to trade Seabrook or Hjal in the offseason to make room for their new contracts of Panarin and other forwards.

    In return we get a puck moving could be #2 defensemen. I view them both as the same tier type prospect, both fitting exactly what we need in a smooth skating puck mover that could help our reboot. I think they both have the upside of a #2 type D easily if they keep their projection. I don't think this trades are crazy lopsided either way, and land us an import piece we need. We have good young forward prospects, we need to stock up on D.

    The next move I would make would be at the draft and I am not sure how we get it done but I have a few ideas. I target the Wild and either Brodin or Dumba with a couple ideas of how to get it done.

    I think we could work something out where we take Pominville (5.6m) and his terrible contract and we protect him for the expansion draft and in return buy low on Dumba (2.5m) or Brodin (4.16). We work the cap out by flipping them Nyquist (4.75m) our 2nd or third round pick and Sproul/Jensen. We take on salary, but after shedding Vanek (2.6m), Smith (2.75m) and then Nyquist we are either in the case of Brodin shed 1m'ish in cap only or in the case of Dumba actually shed 1-2m'ish.

    So this allows MN to protect all their core forwards in Nino, Coyle, Granlund, Zucker, Parise, Staal and Koivu. It was also given they are probably going to protect for sure Suter and Spurgeon then either Brodin or Dumba then I think move the other for assets. They have good young ready D prospects in Reilly and Olofsson and Sproul/Jensen would be another NHL quality bottom pairing D to replace if those guys aren't ready (even tho they probably are) which is where Dumba is really playing right now anyways.

    For us it means we have to protect Pominville and Nielsen, Z is given, Mantha, AA and then it really doesn't matter (could be Helm and Abby, or maybe they deem Jurco is worth it). I think Holland will make one of those not allowed deals with Tatar to wait until after the draft to resign for maybe a tiny bump. So it doesn't hurt our expansion draft plans, just adds a bad cap hit for the next two years but maybe he can bounce back like Vanek did and then we can move for more assets for the big 2018 draft.

    If both of these things happen we gain 2 extremely young building blocks on our back end. I honestly feel like Kronwall with his injuries and then his poor play even by his standards might retire early and take a job in the front office or in player development. Then we make a hard run at Shattenkirk. We also still have our 3 goalies to deal with which is ANOTHER asset we can move for long term pieces on either the back end, forwards or maybe a draft piece for again the very good looking 2018 draft. Pair that with our top 5ish pick (which I really hope lands us Timothy Liljgren or Nico Hischir or Vilardi) and we have a solid off season. We promote youngsters to take the spots we lost, give Jurco a true top 9 chance and give Bert or Nosek a spot in the bottom. So our line-up:


    Pokka/Pouliot-Marchenko/Big E

    I don't think that is a bad hard re-build line up guys. Big dreams but your thoughts? I don't think any of the things I have said here are way out of the park like trading for Malkin. Its small moves that could help us hard reboot. I think the biggest stretch would be signing Shattenkirk but we would have the cap space and could maybe overpay him a little to come here.

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    Picks, picks, picks.

    If we can sell anyone off for picks then I think we should do it. Green, Smith, Jurco, and Vanek could all fetch some draft help. Hell, if someone bites on Gus or Tats then we should considered to be moved. I still really want Shattenkirk but I concede that I don't know if adding him now would be a wise part of the rebuild. By the time we properly rebuild he'll be in his 30's. Will he even want to go to the dumpster fire/rebuilding process that the Wings currently are.

    What I think will happen? Nothing. The Wings will stand pat with their "talent" and make moves in the offseason.

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    Assuming we draft at like 7th. I think you hope for a Timothy Liljigren slip or possibly trade down a tad to select Elias Petterson.

    Hope for Darren Helm to be selected by Las Vegas which there cleans up about 4M.

    Tons of rumoured D available in the offseason which includes Jacob Trouba, Noah Hanafin, Justin Faulk, and in free agency like Kevin Shattenkirk and Karl Alzner. Shattenkirk should sign a massive contract and defensive defensemen headed towards UFA scare me away every single time. Jonathan Drouin is a forward rumoured to be available but I don't see the pieces.

    Trade Ryan Sproul for a third rounder.
    Re-sign Tomas Tatar to 4.5M over 6 years. Takes up his entire peak.
    AA you might be able to get 2.7M total over 2 years.
    XO, 1.25M AAV over 1-2 years.
    Let Drew Miller go.
    Free agency, Kenny is going to look at Jaromir Jagr and Thomas Vanek I think. Always wanted Jagr in a Wing uniform but Vanek 2 years at 3.5 AAV makes sense.

    Here is where we get ****ing crazy. You trade Petr Mrazek for Jacob Trouba. You then sign Ryan Miller to a 2 year deal worth 3.5M AAV as well. Worry is Trouba's next contract. You take that risk.

    Would look to bring back Tom McCollum to Grand Rapids, have him pair up with Jake Paterson. Jared Coreau IMO, never turns into something crazy and needs waivers. You can find goalies. A lot of unsigned college goalies (Coreau) turn into something. Tampa found Bishop out of Cory Conacher. Ottawa just grabbed Mike Condin for nothing. Roberto Luongo, bad contract or not returned to Florida for nothing.

    Something about Evander Kane screams available. He scores 5 on 5, but not sure I love the fit with him personally. Plays the same style as Abby but has hands, a shot, and is just overall so much better. Wish he had Abby's attitude though. You basically run a similar line-up next season.

    Lorito (probably sign someone else too, Ott reunion? Pirri?)



    Have pieces to deal too with second round picks, Ryan Sproul, Jared Coreau, etc. Could possibly grab a top nine piece. A healthy year, and not a terrible D as Green looked good with Kronny (was awesome all year, Green that is), Jensen and XO being very stable and DeKeyser-Trouba potential.. could land back in the playoffs while letting Svech, Pete, Bertuzzi etc develop. Hoping for Lil though in the draft, a RHD coming up. VS/Hronek will be in GR. Russo will see some more NHL time as well.

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    Hope for Darren Helm to be selected by Las Vegas which there cleans up about 4M.

    We can only hope and pray that they take Helm.

    Welcome back btw.

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    Well a little sunshine in the play off race. The Preds swept Chicago. Small hockey victories.

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    Yeah, that left me smiling. Now all I need is Pittsburgh to lose and the back-to-back cup streak lives.

    As far as what we can do, I'd like to dump Abby but with him getting the A on his jersey and having to dump a pick into getting rid of him I don't see it happening. Shame as this could have been avoided but you come to expect failure from Ken.
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