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    Raspberry tea is 🔥, wouldn't be a bad thing to stock up on

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    Quote Originally Posted by whooligun View Post
    What if:

    The Lions miss the playoffs yet again.

    Stafford gets 10 giant offers from teams.

    Some team is able to offer him more than the Lions can. Or at the very least match the Lions top offer.

    One of those teams is in his home state...the Texans.

    Or one of those teams is a QB away from another shot at the Super Bowl...KC, Denver, Pittsburgh, Arizona.

    So many possibilities. To leave it up to chance & hope that he re-signs because of how amazing Detroit is, is the same old Lions way of doing business.

    The other possibility is that we're forced to overpay to keep him & we surround him for another 5-7 years with a mediocre supporting cast.

    I can't understand how I'm the only Lions fan on the planet that is bothered by this.
    You're not.

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