I am going to officially end this by re-emphasizing the fact that we evaluate every reported post that comes across by a group of mods. This will continue to be the process, and because there is such a drastic difference between mods and regular posters, we rely heavily on the regular posters to help us police PSD.

We have made strides to not be as rigid with the rules, and seek out other ways to enforce the rules rather than infractions. In the past, we were very heavy to infract, and I feel that I did my far share before we started to change this around.

If anything racist, bigoted, sexist, etc is reported, we take it all very seriously. The way it is being described, and the way my words are being twisted, is that we just laugh off something that is sexist. Again, this is not the case, and we would take action on a post if we thought it was necessary to do so. We are not infallible, though.

Reported posts will continue to be handled on a case by case basis. People who are allowed to report posts can report them if they feel rules are being broken and/or posters being attacked. We will handle them accordingly, and while we can not discuss specific actions and punishments, also know that some infractions may not result in bans that you see due to the point system.