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    Quote Originally Posted by whooligun View Post
    I said it was off base.

    Of course he'd choose NY over Detroit.

    On the list of which teams coaches would like to tun, I'm sure the Lions are a hair above the Browns in the battle for last place.
    At the time I posted the article the Giants weren't talked about as a possible landing spot for BELI-CHICK.
    "Just because the path is well beaten. That doesn't mean it's the right way to go"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackB View Post
    I don't want that job. Easier to sit back and watch. I have no idea why most want to coach in the NFL.
    Please don't write me . I could win.
    seriously football coach seems like a really lousy job, everyone looks miserable, even when they win

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    It does indeed sound like a ****** job.

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    I would hate it if someone tried to give me $10 million/year.

    Marketability Rating = 0

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