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    Concerning: Sexual Content and Off-Topic posts

    Due to the amount of sexual content posts we've been noticing lately we must make an announcement to this forum concerning several issues. There's several of you that participate in using sexual content in every other thread. We need to put an end to that. Posters will either receive a warning or a disruptive infraction if found to be in non-compliance.

    We don't mind you guys going off-topic and poking fun at each other in the GDT's (game day threads), but make sure it's appropriate and to leave out the graphic sexual nature talk and vulgarity. We do try and show a little leeway with you guys but please keep it civil and do not break the site rules while doing so.

    Outside of the GDT's we need to stay more on topic. This decision is not made lightly, but is brought about by the volume of threads being derailed by people pushing their own agenda. We appreciate your help in trying to bring normalcy back to the NFL forum.

    Here's a link to our Forum Rules.
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