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    Put a big fat register button that is easily viewable on every page to those not logged in. It could tempt lurkers to psychologically bite the bullet and register.
    (2/1/2015) (2/5/2017)

    HOLY ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rush View Post
    It is an actual human lol.

    We're in touch with the support team, one member in particular, multiple times per month. However, we're told they are a small IT team running two sites. We sent them a list of issues that need to be fixed at the beginning of the month.
    Also, to give them credit, there was a lot of upheaval as SDI (PSD's original parent company) has essentially been bought twice since Rush and I took over. Now that things settled, they were able to originally fix the email relay for registration, thought we had fixed notifications and transferred over to new cloud servers. There's also been a lot more transparency from them as well.

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    Ya, they've done a great job. Can't even get posts to show up in the proper order. Bravo.

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    Yes, let's all give SDI a big round of applause. They seem to really care deeply about the user experience around here.

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    Improve by fixing the feature where you get a notification when someone quotes a post you make.

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    This place is a joke, anyone that denies it is delusional.

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    Why is there posts being deleted in the political forum? There's insults all over but now we decide to delete posts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewersfan255 View Post
    Why is there posts being deleted in the political forum? There's insults all over but now we decide to delete posts?
    It was reported. Feel free to report them then and they'll be handled accordingly.

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