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Thread: 2017 and Beyond

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_noodles View Post
    I read something a few months back that said he would be a legit contender for both Cy Young and MVP. If this is remotely close to true everyone should be bidding
    Yankees have over 100M coming off their payroll at the end of the year

    Sabatthia 30M
    ARod 27M
    Tanaka 27M (opt out)
    Pineda 8M
    Holliday 13M
    Carter 3.5M

    So they're gonna be flush with cash and eager to spend it on someone, and with the luxury tax reset and the rebate they get with that....(reportedly according to Bowden on MLB RADIO, somewhere in the $30-40M range, Id say they'll be all over Otani

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChongInc. View Post
    Yes as Bowden puts it teams are eligible for a rebate of some of their past revenue sharing payments when they reset their penalty percentage by going under the threshold. So not only do they not pay the 47% penalty for every dollar spent over the 195 million threshold. They also get a partial rebate of the revenue sharing they've paid. Bowden says that he's been told that the Yankees Once they reset will be due 30-40 million.

    As a repeat offender the Yankees have paid a 95% dollar for dollar tax for every cent over the 195 million threshold for the last several years. When they reset that penalty will go back to 17%

    The Yankees have targeted 2018 When Machado and Harper hit free agency as When they needed to reset but they'll actually get there after this year because of all the salary coming off their payroll.

    Bowden says he could see them signing both Machado and Harper because of this.

    That why the Jays need to have a sense of urgency to win NOW because it's gonna get harder to do so in the coming years with the Yankees free to spend like drunken sailors again

    It's amazing when you think about it. They spent 95 million on Chapman, and that was the Yankees on a budget. That's how every Met fan knows that The Wilpons are cheap a$$ed bastards, and Rogers is right there with them
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