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it's a shame that police can not get the same type of support when it turns out their description is "white".

when "white" police officer shoots someone (even when they turn out to be a criminal/suspect) there is no problem for many to bring up prior incidents from that officer.

when "white" police officer shoots someone (even when they turn out to be a criminal/suspect) there is no worry about backlash against white community or more importantly against police in general. this leads to more and more anti police rhetoric spread across America and leads to more people hating police and even taking action into their own hands against the police.

the media only really cares when it's a minority shot, which they can use for their own agenda/interest of bringing in ratings. that "sells" and can create more people to watch and all that does is get more people riled up and influenced/manipulated by the often false/inaccurate details about a shooting, just like we had going back to the Michael Brown shooting.
Dude, the **** is poison. Now I see why you post the **** you post, this **** is toxic. I don't know much about the daily caller, other than I now know it is a complete sham, pushing clear bias, agenda, and opinion off as news.

In other words, just like CNN and fox, lol

But just look how it frames ****, look how they take legitimately unrelated **** and try and convince you it's substance. Just like CNN and fox.

They say BLM doesn't say a word on the topic. So what? Why the hell would they? Does daily caller seriously not understand what that group exists for? What they are trying to achieve? What the hell should they say on the matter? #wlm? That situation had nothing to do with their cause or why they exist.

I understand that if the roles were reversed people would be reacting different, but sorry to tell you, it WOULD be different. Because while reverse racism is true on a personal level, it ceases to exist in a systematic fashion. Because the system's population is majority white. Do you understand what that means?

This country will NEVER ban whites. Not even come close to it, never. No matter what happens, never. You'll never wonder, can my child's grandmother not visit him. It's nothing for anyone to feel guilty or defensive about, it's just what it is. And if that creepy video about how Muslims are multiplying at too high a rate in the west comes to fruition, well then I guess we'll swap these shoes.

When people say reverse racism is fake news, THIS is what they are alluding to. Social construct won't allow it to happen.

Anyway, I tangented than a mutha off that first paragraph, but let me tell you fnk, you stay with this funky poison, you gonna go down a sad path. Mainstream is bs too, but ur **** is just creepy, for real, I felt that from one of your other links from before too, and I barely be clicking them

I don't know how to explain it, but being Muslim and reading some of those articles they write about Muslims, it's like what the hell, bro, we're people, we're just humans, just like you. Like these foos think we're all in cahoots for some massive take over on some set date. Like wtf. I feel like some character out of a movie, haha, like how when they encounter aliens and they all be wearing the same suit. I don't know how to explain it fnk, but trust me, the **** is poison. Don't be taking it too serious