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just because you think it's false does not mean it is false. I proved that in the lengthy post where I confirmed all the facts from the Daily Caller article, including how they were right about how the Washington Post buried information.
pay more attention. whether it's here or the political forum it's many of you that can't stay on topic and make it personally about me.

when I complain that nobody has anything to say it does not mean come attack me personally, it means comment on the ****ing story that is posted. just like this story above about Terrence Sterling that not one person has commented about.
I think it's your unabashed hypocrisy that distracts people. You excuse anything from "your side". Heck you Billion the Washington Post for "burying information" that the Daily Caller buried the exact same way. Where is your outrage for Daily Caller? Why aren't you as mad at them? Why do you continue to use them as a source?

Answer: because the facts don't matter, one is your side and one is against you, and despite them doing the exact same thing, one is wrong and one is right.