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    Quote Originally Posted by flea View Post
    They can believe they're a dog or a lizard person or a tree or antimatter for all I care. We're not going to alter laws, change government documents, upend social mores, and attempt to criminalize "misgendering" a person (which is an actual thing in nations with less liberty than America).

    Aside from California, the only laws I know that have been altered are states actively altering laws to prohibit transgender from going into bathrooms.

    If it is the changing of our laws you are concerned about, both sides are guilty. If it is social norms you are concerned about, I don't know why they would be beholden to social norms if they're not enforceable under the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nastynice View Post
    **I can't believe I'm still going on with this ****. Look fnk, you gotta understand one thing here, all of my posts in which I attempt to negatively categorize and prejudge all white christians because of what some other crazy white christians do, you understand that I don't truly hold this view, correct? Even this post, its not like I would actually do anything like that, nor would I hold anyone to such a dumb *** standard.

    I been convo with you cuz I really thought you was a youngin, a truly ignorant youngin, and I was like he just doesn't know any better. I was convinced I would one day just make things click in your head. Like ohh, if I'm not willing to hold myself to a certain standard, then it doesn't make sense to demand others be held to that standard. See that's how I operate and since its something I can proudly hang my hat on it is truly a source of power for me. Maybe it can be for you.

    I'm a just stop there, I really got a piece a mind to tell you regarding the fact that you post the ridiculous **** that you post as a grown adult, ****in hell man you gotta be kidding me, what a ****in joke.. but I'm a just stop, I'm a leave it be, I'm a step away with no ill will, enjoy your life
    It's quite odd how many people on this site get sucked in to his constant barrage of nonsense. Dude is never going to change; no use engaging him in a serious manner.

    "there's no scraps in my scrapbook"

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