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    Quote Originally Posted by spliff(TONE) View Post
    Not sure how the line "from a black man" connects to you personally. Are you a black man?
    you picked out something that I specifically said in my post before yours.

    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialFNK View Post

    I saw this tweet (from a black man) in response and it made me laugh.
    I specifically included that because some of you have this assumption that I must have dislike/bias against all black people, which is not true. this particular black man in question a lot of the same things that I have said here he has said on twitter, just like this link that I posted that for some reason you couldn't comment on.

    when I post a link why do you have to always comment on me/about me.
    I'm sure there is going to be another article that I'm going to post at some point so lets see if you can comment on the article or if you continue to be more obsessed with me.

    just because I post a lot, does not mean it is disruptive

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    Quote Originally Posted by spliff(TONE) View Post
    That **** was ****ing hilarious. Will have to watch those other two videos later.
    They are insane but they are super talented. "Horse outside" is Michael Jackson+Jamiraqui+Christopher Walken

    They also have an absolutely brilliant clip about the Kardashians (or as they say Card-a-sheehans) being the biggest terrorists in the US. His insight and logic is undeniable.

    You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear.

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