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    Request Guidelines

    I borrowed this from PSGFX, and added a few things myself. If people think this is useful I recommend you post it with your request.

    Quote Originally Posted by PSDGFX
    What do you want? (Signature, User Bar, Avatar, Cut, Wallpaper)

    The Image URL: (If there is a specific picture you would like) Minimum Size 300x300.

    The GFX style: (Grunge, Abstract, Simple, Etc.)

    Colors of your GFX: (Team Colors, Sepia, B&W, Etc.)

    Size: (Large, Small, or Pixel Specific)

    Animation: (Y/N)

    Would you like text in it: What would you like it to say?

    Anything else we left out:
    Also, please do not request more than 1 sig within a 3 week period, unless something comes up (i.e - death commemoration sig, trade, etc)

    One more thing. Just because you request a sig, does not mean you will get one right away. These things take time if you want them to look good. be patient.
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