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    Buck's Birds are rolling!


    The O's might be having that special season folks! 35-5 start could be next, and then a 10-15 game lead with playoff aspirations in June!

    They just might need an ace like the Jays did last year when they got Price!m
    We shall see!

    1998 Yankees 53-19. ---

    2018 Yankees 50-22 3

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    Trumbo's been a beast so far. Obviously he's going to come back down to life. He's a flawed player, but consistently hitting for average is one of his biggest. If he can keep an average up around .260-.270 when the season is over, he can be in for a big year and a big paycheck next season. Last year was a fluke for him in the power department. He should be able to slug 30 this year.

    Any wins the O's get this early in the season means that they'll have win less down the stretch. And that should be with Jones and Gausman back, and even Matusz. Hopefully an addition or two for a playoff push.

    The biggest thing to me is just keeping that leadoff spot productive and hopefully Rickard keeps it up.

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    Definitely an exciting start to the season, but I also remember us being in first for two months in Lee Mazzilli's first year, and the wheels fell off the wagon in short order. I will say what I've said in other threads though, I really like what I see right now and it is encouraging for extended success.

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