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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionsfanfromsac View Post
    Thatís what the bookies want you to think...
    I don't think I understand...

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    I was totally wrong too but to be fair I probably only watched 3 NFL games all season and did not keep up with storylines. I had no idea a Belichick defense could be as bad as they apparently were in the Super Bowl - and that's not even mentioning benching their best defensive player (rigged? hey it's the thread for it!).

    Still, this Super Bowl (as someone who didn't watch) looks like is stunk. Every narrative on the news/radio is about how it was one of the best ever - up and down wow-wee what a rollercoaster! Maybe for the average fan but Tom Brady had 500-some odd yards. In the #!&@$ Super Bowl! I don't care how good you think he is as a 40 year old who never had a good deep ball, that is dumb beyond belief. And the Eagles allegedly had a really good D, or at least D-line which is historically Brady's kryptonite.

    Like I said, maybe I was wrong but I still think the whole thing smells.

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