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    Krejci & Bruins Agree To $43.5 million / 6 year Extension

    WEEI ‏@WEEI 19m
    Source: David Krejci agrees to six-year, $43.5 million extension with Bruins
    Haven't seen this confirmed by anyone in the NHL community, but WEEI is usually good with this stuff. If this is the deal, I like that we've locked up Krejci, but the $7.25 million per seems a bit pricey.

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    Seems pricey, BUT, have to imagine the cap will go up. Plus, he would have gotten a lot more on the open market. Other than last year, the guy performs in the playoffs. I like it.

    Now that this is done, hopefully we see some movement in the Krug/Smith dept.

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    thats about right, open market he would have gotten 8 years 7.5 to 8 million. Makes me happy we wil be strong down center for another 6 I guess this means koko or spooner will be traded unless they can figure out how to play wing
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    Love it, $7.25 a year is a solid number for a guy who will be in his prime for essentially the entirety of this contract. Should the salary cap go up; this deal will look better. The Bruins are built on depth down the middle, Krejci and Bergeron are the cornerstones of the forward attack. Both are proven winners and considering the likelihood of the Czech getting a substantial deal on the free agent market, they got him below market value.

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    Big cap number, but he's worth it and could've gotten at least 7.5 on the open market longer term

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    7.5 going forward with the cap rising is a very fair deal especially for a top line center like krejci. Hopefully we can get him a top line sniper some day to go with him.
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