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    Nfl predictions.

    So what is your predictions for this upcoming season. Any Wild Card surprises? Where in the standings do you think the Bills will finish?

    Sadly I will say it first. As the team stands now, In a few months, I guarantee we will be hearing this statement. "With the first pick in the NFL draft, Cleveland selects .....".

    Its sad to admit, but there is no way compete. Last year we were the 2nd most running NFL team. We finished 6-10. We had one of the Best Defenses in the League. We finished 6-10. We lost our star Line Backer in Alonzo. We lost our Defensive Coordinator, who took a defense from the year before, to a level of play we haven't seen since the 90's. Our QB has clearly regressed. KneeJ cant plant his throwing foot, but for some reason, all of our coaches want to ignore the problem.

    In the league right now, There are 5 running backs, 3 WR's, 2 punters, Including our own, Brian Morman, and 1 Kicker, who has thrown more yards and TD passes than our back up QB, Palmer. After last nights performance, I will be paying attention to seeing how many more Non QB position players pass him as well. And don't blame it on his first game here. He has been practicing and working out with the Bears all year. If he is as smart as our coaches think, knowing the play book couldn't have been the problem. Having the talent to execute the play book is the problem.

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    Before the season I was thinking 5-6 wins, then we went 2-0 and I had hope. After the last two, I may revert to my original thought. If EJ doesn't improve, we are in trouble. The frustrating thing is... We have a pretty good team all around.

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