Some crappy sites posted this rumor, but now a more legitimate source reported, that Pegula had the deal pretty much done last year to buy the Erie Otters and he was bringing the OHL team to Buffalo.

What changed was, there is a rule in the NFL, that after purchasing a team in the NFL, the owner cannot buy any other sports teams in his city for at least 4-years. While the deal to buy the Otters were getting done, Wilson died and that changed everything.

Recently, the Erie Otters lease just ended now. If it wasn't for the Bills, the deal would have been announced. So the Erie Otters were now asked to sign a 10-15 year lease, which is standard procedure, but they declined. They signed a 4-year lease only. Which means that when the lease expires, The NFL rule for Pegula also then expires and the city of Buffalo will have an OHL Team.

Apparently, this was going to be a very huge deal. A company was even hired, but now put on hold, because they were going to handle a huge competition for fans, that would have given the winner the right to name the team. It would have been a huge competition at the Harbor center during this year and the top 100 who win, would then think of a name, for everyone else to vote on.

Being that Pegula is the front runner for the Bills, this deal will be announced either before or after the 2018-2019 OHL season. Not bad for one guy, owning a professional lacrosse team, AHL NHL, NFL and now OHL team.