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    McAdoo: "Make a ****ing play!"

    As a new coach in NY, I think it's important that he set a precedent of expecting greatness. However, he should also, along with the rest of us, expect some growing pain, of course.

    Gotta love the fire, though. Killdrive seemed to lack any sort of intensity, especially when things were going badly, which is when it's important to rally the troops and light a fire under their *****.

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    Yeah. He said he wasn't a very patient guy, so I think that's starting to come out now. Jernigan is dropping passes left and right and really Harris being placed on the IR may have saved him....unless Talley and Manningham both shine in the next two days.

    Really Jernigan needs to stop being played outside. Really really really need Beckham out there and while he's out, I really think Parker and Washington need to rotate on the outside, not Jernigan.....and I LOVE Jernigan.

    But the fact that their "#1 WR" Randle is dropping easy stuff in practice has got to drive him crazy.

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