Even after weeks of training camp, questions about Jeff Tedford's offense in Tampa Bay have not been answered.

An offensive line that was horridly faulty and then shuffled has stunted some of the Buccaneers' offense. Another reason we still don't know much about Tedford's scheme is that the Bucs don't want to put their full attack on tape during the preseason.

"There's a whole treasure kit full of stuff no one has seen yet," right tackle Demar Dotson said with a smile, per the Tampa Tribune. "The truth is, you haven't seen the half of it yet."

What we do know is that the Bucs want to run more no huddle (what team isn't saying that?) and will utilize more screens and bubble screens.

Part of the indication is that running backs and fullbacks will have a lot more opportunity to catch the ball in Tedford's system -- with Doug Martin even lining up wide in a five-receiver set on Saturday.

The Bucs expect Martin to be more involved in the passing game, especially after rookie Charles Sims went down with an injury. The diminutive Martin said he enjoys the offense Tedford has brought to the bucks.

"It's a lot of fun," he said of Tedford's game plan. "It kind of takes me back to my (college) days at Boise State with some of the tricks and things that we're going to be doing."

The Bucs hope that college mentality will translate into professional production.

The true test of the "fun" offense will come down to whether it works come the regular season. For that to happen the offensive line will need to be better than we've seen thus far.

We saw like five plays Saturday that looked new to me. They were in the no huddle offense. I thought it was interesting that we are adopting that rush to the line and look off to the sideline coach to get the play - like they do in college. Its very effective for catching defense's off guard. I think when the season starts were going to be taken by surprise at the offense.