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Thread: Move the rays

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    Jan 2011

    Move the rays

    i love my rays , was at the first game ever and the all of the first 4 game series rays vrs yankdees and even then never herd the trop like it was tonight , i understand the love for jeter but that was total yankdees crowd , seminole high school every kid i met was from new york so not to much of a surprise but most games there is more away team fans at the trop . retirement state might as well live up to it retire the rays to a city that will show them love because my rays deserve it . each year we put a team on the field that even new york detroit la and any other team outside oakland cant buy or build .
    to the rays fans real rays fans true devils i solute you all . i had a fav team b4 the rays was out, braves first then when the marlins came out i shut down my braves gear for marlins then went to rays cus thats where im from soon as usf was div2 i quit the cains cus this my city .
    does explain the rays winning record on the road for over 5 years they play 162 road games a year its nothing new .
    where all those fake rays fans from the world series now? ohh back with they ny hat on
    sorry for the rant go bucs lightning storm and my rays !!

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    How about no.

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