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    A Scheduling Idea

    Had lunch with 2 friends the other day and we came up with a new scheduling idea for MLB, based somewhat on the NFL

    1- You would play 18 games against the teams in your own division = 72 games

    2- You would play 9 games against the 5 teams with the worst records =45 games

    3- You would play 6 games against the 5 teams with the second worst record= 30 games

    4- You would 3 games against 5 out of the 6 teams in your league = 15

    The example is for the teams with the worst records but you would do the same for every other team.

    The negative is that you might not get any rivalry games like Mets-Yankees, Cubs-White-Sox, Angels- Dodgers etc.

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    My scheduling idea:

    -12 games vs. other 4 teams in your division: 48 games
    -8 games vs. other 10 teams in your league: 80 games
    -3 games vs. 5 teams in other league: 15 games
    -Extra game vs. chosen opponent
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    Sounds like a terrible idea.

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