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    Buffalo Enforcer 2014?

    Since Scott is gone, has anyone heard if or what they may do for an enforcer? We have Cody McCormick back now and I think Zenon Konopka is unsigned but still around-- but??

    Do we have anyone in the minors??

    I don't know if we really need one, but we can't have Foligno and Stewart dropping the gloves -though they are better fighters (In my opinion) than Cody and Zenon these days.

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    McCormick seems to be it. Perhaps they think Kaleta can make the team and make the opposition play a little bit more honest. Pretty much that is it though. Nobody from minors are coming in and Konapka is finished here.

    Konapka was suspended the first 20-games of this season by the NHL and the Sabres would have to be in dire straits to bring him in after that. We don't have a Vanek or Miller caliber player to protect anymore, so I don't think they are too worried about needing a enforcer.

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