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    Should Minny fans be upset or happy?

    There are times when teams simply fail to put a winner around a player and the time comes for a change. Often times, these moves are frustrating for fans. Toronto fans, for instance, saw Vince Carter intentionally tanked his performance on the court to force a trade (or at least that is what many believe, and for good reason). This left the Raptors with no leverage to bring back any actual talent, and it was just after watching McGrady bolt in free agency. LBJ: Left in free agency so his team got nothing back.

    But Love seems to have gone a different route. He let the team know that he did not plan on staying, and so gave them plenty of time to make a trade that helped the team and landed them a potential franchise player (who may even turn out to be better than Love), while also accommodating his desire to be in a winning team. It seems like the two sides were equally frustrated and came to a resolution that makes both happy.

    And in all fairness, the T-Wolves did a $#!T job in the draft. They passed on Kanter and Tristan for Derrick Williams (though there wasn't a lot to pick from in that draft), they grabbed Wesley Johnson over DMC and Greg Monroe, and Luke Babbit over Eric Bledsoe in the same draft. Then they picked Rudio and Johny FLynn (two point guards) over Stephen Curry and DeMarDeRozen, though I understand the Rubio pick as every GM was high on him, but FLynn over Curry? Dude's not even in the league any more. This is a team that could have had Curry, DeRozen, Love and DMC or Monroe, and instead had Love, Johnny Flynn, Rudio, Derrick Williams and Wesley Johnson. As a player, you have to be frustrated to see that much potential slip through your fingers.

    So should Minny fans be upset like TO fans were, or Cleveland fans were? Or should they be grateful that Love handled this in a manner that allowed the team to move forward instead of back?
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    Yeah, Were the first team to screw up in the draft? ha Oden over Durant? There are plenty of mistakes to be pissed about for all franchises. A good question with a bunch of trolling in the middle. Melo says hi.

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    If I'm a Minnesota Timberwolves fan then I am excited right now. I'm hoping that we at least try and keep Anthony Bennett rather than ship him off for Thad but I am excited to watch some athletic uptempo basketball with Rubio-LaVine-Wiggins. I fully admit that I don't watch a ton of college though so I'm not sure they have a lot of perimeter shooting but I would be excited to have a bunch of young cheap players and Wiggins has the potential to be something special. Like top 10 player in the league special... so as a rebuilding team that's all you could want. It will be interesting to see what they do with Pek since Dieng looked so good last year...

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    i remember bulls were offering noah for bosh

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    Who are we to tell them how they should be feeling?

    They feel what they feel. End of.

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    If I was a Minnesota fan, I'd be happy. Love obviously forced his way out and they still made out with an A+ prospect, last year's first who could still be good (or flipped for Thad, depending on if that's legit or not), and another first.

    If I was flip I wouldn't try to compete this year, though. I'd definitely flip Pek for a pick/younger player with two way potential, and build around LaVine/Wiggins/Dieng.

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    I'd be ecstatic if I was Minnesota right now. In Wiggins they got someone who's going to be a good 1 for a long time. Kevin Love would have left for nothing next year so they got a great deal for him.
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    Yeah they should be happy. They finally got a number one pick though indirectly.

    Wiggins will be a star in this league
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    Love was gonna walk and they got a special prospect for him. Gotta be happy considering what the situation dictated. Hopefully they learn from the Love experience and work to put a better team on the floor in the future

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    Happy... before LBJ went to CLE the packages being offered were underwhelming.

    LBJ going back to CLE set off a series of events and they end up getting the last 2 #1 picks... and a guy in Wiggins that might end up being better than Love.

    Considering their horrible record with Love, his injury history, attitude and teammate issues, and the fact that he was leaving anyway, they probably get the best package any team has gotten for a superstar, at least potential wise...

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    I like the trade for Minnesota tbh.. Andrew wiggins has all the talent in the world. I can seriously see him being a superstar one day. Also, Anthony Bennett has been tearing it up in the summer league. I know it's just the summer league and all, but if he gets it going he can be a mismatch nightmare. Throwing in a 1st(most likely late 1st but still) is just a cherry on the top.

    Kevin love was going to leave one way or another, the fact that Minnesota got 2 #1 overall picks in wiggins and Bennett plus a future first is great IMO.

    If I was a Minnesota fan, I would be waaaay happy.

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    I'm sure there are mixed feelings. But I'd be pretty damn excited. Finally get to move on and that young core is really intriguing. Gonna be a fun team...and hopefully eventually a good one too.
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    I'm a Wolves fan

    I look at it as we got the best offer we could for a sell out in Kevin Love. Id prefer the GSW deal (Klay, Lee and Barnes) but that ship has sailed.

    I'm a defense kind of guy so I like what Wiggins can potentially bring to the Wolves.. But damn do I hate the P word.

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    they have mixed feelings.see another failure and another star go has to be demoralizing,but you cant help but get excited over nabbing someone like wiggins out of it

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