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    Norm's 2014 (Good) Articles Dump

    I feel like I read a lot of good stuff but never post it because it doesn't have a fit or I'm lazy.

    Going to start posting them.

    I'll start with this.

    (posted once but nobody noticed)

    Can't just paste it all since it has some YouTube stuff that is integral.
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Having 4 All Pros on offense=fairy tale.
    Having a look in your eye=key to NFL success.

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    Nice article. I really think Rodgers was being underrated as a blocker by a lot of people. The block on the ILB was a thing of beauty. He doesn't have a ton of speed or insane athleticism but finds himself open or wide open in A. Rodgers eyes. Rodgers will never be a top TE but I do believe he can be a really good 3 down TE. That film was from 2013 where I believe he played at closer to 240(I could have that backwards), which means he should be much stronger/bigger and drastically improve his blocking ability since he is more comfortable at 270-275.

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