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    McDermott 2nd overall for ROY and best career based upon fellow Rookie voting

    Part of the fun of the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot -- aside from the impromptu dunk contests -- is finding out what the rookies think of each other. John Schuhmann of has a rookie survey he gives the new players and asks them to pick the rookie of the year, who will have the best career, who their favorite player is, who the funniest rookie is and much more. This year's rookie survey has the players glowing about the second pick in the draft.

    Schuhmann released the results of the survey on Wednesday and the players overwhelmingly picked Jabari Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks to not only be named the Rookie of the Year for the 2014-15 season but to also have the top career. He received 52.8 percent of the vote for ROY with Doug McDermott and Andrew Wiggins as the second highest at 8.3 percent each. He also received 45.9 percent of the vote for having the best career with McDermott coming in second at 13.5 percent. Wiggins tied with Zach LaVine for fourth at 5.4 percent.

    Who will be the 2014-15 Rookie of the Year?

    1: Jabari Parker, Milwaukee -- 52.8 percent

    T-2: Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 8.3 percent

    Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 8.3 percent

    T-4: Shabazz Napier, Miami -- 5.6 percent

    Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia -- 5.6 percent

    Elfrid Payton, Orlando -- 5.6 percent

    Which rookie will have the best career?

    1: Jabari Parker, Milwaukee -- 45.9 percent

    2: Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 13.5 percent

    3: T.J. Warren, Phoenix -- 8.1 percent

    T-4: Zach LaVine, Minnesota -- 5.4 percent

    Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 5.4 percent

    Looks like the rookies think highly of McDermott with him finishing 2nd in voting on both ROY and best career. I think if he continues to develop at the rate he has been, he has a shot at ROY but still optimistic about the best career. Overall, good sign for the bulls as he has opened alot of eyes thus far especially his fellow draft class. Thoughts?

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    Guess we'll have to wait and see. Nothing is a guarantee at this point. He has def looked good though so my hopes are high. He def can shoot.

    The Wizards' missing piece.

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    doubtful,he just wont have a big enough role/mins to leapfrog other guys who will be starting/staring for their teams

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    I think it's great to see this. The 11th pick doesn't usually get this much love. I don't think he'll get enough of a chance to win it eventhough I expect him to start but it's good to see that guys who have worked out and played against him think he's that good.

    No more Rose? When is football season again?

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    My expectations for McDermott are not higher than Wiggins, but I think he could be a multiple time all-star.

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    He's more NBA ready than most of these rookies so it's not a surprise.

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    Just pretty sweet that we have big men now who are not lazy to do screens(unlike boozer) and can roll to the basket. McBuckets would benefit from them.

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    Minimum demand for him: 40% from deep! Ah AH

    Now seriously, over wiggins? Wow!

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