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    How will Thibs run the offense this year?

    Has there been any talk or discussion about this yet? I'm curious to see if the Bulls will run their offense through Noah (high post) this year. Should this continue, or should we resort back to a traditional scheme pre-Rose injury?

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    I think we will still see a lot of Noah passing out of the high post, a lot of Gasol in the low post, a lot of kicking to Dunleavy and McDermott, and Rose being the guy that opens it all up for everyone. If I had a choice of players at a realistic price to build a championship team, this roster would be the blueprint.

    Between Butler, Snell, Dunleavy, McDermott, our wings are so long it's gonna be interesting to see how teams react to the length. Heck, our starting lineup is pretty big in general. Rose is a big powerful PG, Butler is a huge and great defensive SG who will probably guard the opponents best scorer at 2 or 3 while Dunleavy or McDermott will play on the lesser offensive threat. Gasol and Noah give us the Chicago version of the twin towers!!! We are gonna be filthy, that's one thing I'm certain about.

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    Pick n Roll/Pop

    PG: D.Rose(with the ball)
    SG: Jimmy(sits in the corner)
    SF: McBuckets/MDJ(coming out of curls provided by Gasol)
    PF: Gasol(spaces the floor/screen for the shooter)
    C : Noah/Taj(provides the screen for D.Rose)

    The fun part(if ever happens)

    Pick n Roll/Pop

    D.Rose(with the ball)
    Snell(off the curl)
    McBuckets/MDJ(off the curls)
    Mirotic(gives the screen and cut to the rim, curl outside or post up if he gets the mismatch)
    Gasol(provides the screen and roll to the basket or pop in the elbow)


    PG: D.Rose/Kirk(hopefully he improves his shoooting)
    SG: Snell
    SF: MDJ/McBuckets
    PF: Mirotic
    C : Pau Gasol

    Left Side

    PG..... | ..
    .. \ ... | ..
    === \=| =
    |........C ...
    |......... O| <--- rim

    Right Side

    |......... O| <--- rim
    |.......C ...
    === /=| =
    .. / ... | ..
    SF..... | ..
    ......._PF _
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    The offense itself never really changed when Rose went down. They involved Noah more, but both Robinson and Augustin played the Rose role of this offense the last couple seasons.

    Overall the Bulls are going to use the same technique with both Noah and Gasol being able to make plays with the ball. Gasol is simply a smarter ball player than Boozer is, and this is where he'll shine the most. Teams will have a pretty hard time containing both Noah and Gasol, as both bigs roll to the basket, as well as pop out 10-20 feet.

    Simply put, if McDermott is remotely close to the shooter people think he is, and Butler progresses as an outside shooter, this will be the best offense the Bulls have had in awhile.

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    I'm really excited and nervous to see what Miro can do. He has a very interesting skill set, but even string beans like Durant out weight him by 20 lbs. I think he could be successful, but to last he needs to bulk up ASAP.

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    I think Thibs changed it up a little last year to involve read and react offense, if I'm not mistaken, to sortof relieve Rose of all the offensive pressure. A lot more action and options available from each position on each subsequent pass, where during pre-injury Rose it was more a high Pick and roll to start it off and Rose pretty much drives and dishes to the roller or outside threat. The offense seemed a lot simpler during Rose's pre-injury days from my recollection. The offense last year seemed more fluid and structured in terms of passing and balance, except there was no one really to make something happen, so it looked more like hot potato than an actual functioning offense.

    I think they will continue last year's offense but with the added element of Rose obviously in the mix with his ability to drive and muck up the defense by getting in the lane and then the action starts from there. I'm sure Thibs will tweak it to leave more opportunities for our snipers now that we actually have them lol But in terms of the system it will be generally the same IMO

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    I want to see Rose run the offense for the most part, but Thibs should definitely utilize Gasol's and Noah's passing abilities to take pressure away from Rose at times.

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    Four out with Gasol in the center. Likely a triangle, with Mirotic as PF.

    Five out with D.Rose, Snell, McDermott, MDJ and Mirotic?

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    Noah-Gasol facilitating offense. Damn nice article.

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