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    Bad news for the people who want Stanton.

    It seems as if the Red Sox and other teams have finally come to the realization that Stanton isnít going anywhere. The theme has been repeated constantly by GM Dan Jennings, who really believes that owner Jeffrey Loria will step up and get a deal done even if itís a Robinson Cano/Albert Pujols type of contract. That could be a reason why the Red Sox obtained Cespedes, who obviously isnít as good but has the power and athleticism to improve. This offseason will be telling on the Stanton front. He has a home in Miami and feels the organization is going in the right direction, so, for now, he seems to be all in on staying with the Marlins.


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    I wouldn't listen to anything Cafardo says.

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    Yeah and it really makes no snese for the Marlins to pump anything besides this into the media because:

    1) Marlins fans love him

    2) They're driving his price up

    3) Why upset Stanton? The last thing they'd want is for him to be publicly upset again.

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    Cafardo sucks. I'd put more stock in the leaked Astros trade talks, in which Stanton was available.

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    Cafardo's opinion is meaningless. The only time his reporting was valuable was when Valentine was leaking everything to him.

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