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    Remember "All In"? It's Time to "Burn the Boats"

    I kinda love it:

    On the eve of the first practice of his 11th Giants training camp in charge, coach Tom Coughlin invoked a new Super Bowl rallying cry when he addressed his team Tuesday morning:
    Burn the boats!
    “It’s a mentality … the idea of coming into something with no turning back,” Coughlin told The Post. “The whole theme is, there’s no turning back.
    “If you’re here for the right reason, all right? And you share with us the goals. And you’ve put the time and the effort into it, there is no turning back. Once this thing starts, it’s a full commitment, and we have to have everybody in that circle to get it done.
    “And that story just illustrates the way in which the Grecian warriors were treated when they attacked another nation. As they landed onshore, the commanders told them, ‘Burn the boats.’
    “Well burning the boats symbolized what? It symbolized that if you survive, you’re gonna defeat the opponent, take his boats, and you will have a chance to return home. But if you don’t do it, you’re not ever going home.
    “So, the idea of that type of commitment, the idea of no turning back, is just an illustration, a story, a parable, which drives home a good message, and that’s what I was after.”

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    Remember "All In"? It's Time to "Burn the Boats"

    Burn the ****ing Boats!

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    Put the women and children to bed and lets go looking for dinner... "The Program"
    "Isiah's about as safe as me in a room full of cookies, If I'm in a room full of cookies the cookies ain't got no chance." --- Sir Charles

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